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CALI Vinyl Legends

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Color — Saltwater Oak

Upgrade your flooring with Vinyl Legends from CALI. Order the flooring by itself for delivery to your home or if you want everything you need to DIY or a professional installation check out our designed spaces below!

  • Price shown is per box. See order quantity for more detail.
  • If you want to see this product in your space try our visualizer below by clicking the "See this in my room" button below.
    Product Details
    • Extra-large planks are 60” long, 9” wide, and 12mm thick
    • 100% waterproof & easy to clean in any room
    • Protective wear layer helps prevent scratches
    • Built-in underlayment cushion for quieter rooms
    • FloorScore Certified and safe for families and pets
    • Authentic hardwood grain and surface texturing
    • Strengthened by a stabilizing WPC core
    • Can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, & basements
    • Planks can be floated with no nails or glue
    • 50-year residential warranty
    Designed Spaces
    Order Quantity
    • Each unit contains 6 planks, which covers 22.44 sqft
    • Measure the approximate sqft of your area and add 10%
    • If the area is 200 sqft then you'll need to order 220 sqft
    • If you need assistance please contact us!